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Since the Governor on June 26 at 5 PM, requires face coverings inside businesses. We are going to enforce this for our employees. They will wear masks while they are work-ing. Employees that serve or prepare food will also wear gloves. We are encouraging our members to do the same. If everyone will do their part then hopefully, we will slow down the spread of the Corona Virus and we can get back to some type of normal life (whatever that is to be). The masks will be for employees in the clubhouse only. The lifeguards and Maintenance employees will not be required to wear them. The lifeguard must be able to call out warnings and blow their whistle, without any thing getting in the way. The Maintenance crew are mostly more than 6 feet away from any members and they normally work alone. We still must maintain the 6-foot social distancing in-side and out. Please help us by honoring this request.

Please remember to wash your hands as often as you can. Please if you have any of the following symptoms: Cough, Shortness of Breath, Fever, Chills, Muscle pain, Headache, Sore Throat, or Loss of Taste or Smell then please to not enter the building or Pool area. We are trying to keep everyone safe.


We would like to welcome all of our new members

• JC Thomas Family
• Warren Sinclair Family
• Dewayne & Carne Green
• Brandon Warren Family
• Justin Sinclair Family
• Jonathan Fussell Family

We are thrilled to welcome you all to the Coharie family


Hello, everyone!

Here’s the July CCC pool update:

  • There have been A LOT of people who have been enjoying the pool, and we hope that continues for the rest of the summer!
  • Thank you all for making the effort to sign yourselves and your guests in when you come to the pool. We really need you all to sign in with each visit. If you have guests, PLEASE list the town where the guest lives.
  • Remember: when you child turns 9, he/she is eligible to take the swim test to see if he/she can come to the pool unaccompanied by an adult. See a lifeguard to take the test.
  • Social distancing at the pool because of Covid-19 has been going well. We appreciate everyone's cooperation.
  • "Does chlorine in pool water inactivate the virus?

    “The good news is that the average amount of chlorine that’s in a pool is going to kill the virus,” Lavin [Roberta Lavin, University of Tennessee College of Nursing] says. Assuming that your pool is properly maintained, the chemicals in the water should be enough to render the virus inactive.
    The CDC reported on March 10 that “there is no evidence that COVID-19 can be spread to humans through the use of pools and hot tubs. Proper operation, maintenance, and disinfection (e.g., with chlorine and bromine) of pools and hot tubs should remove or inactivate the virus that causes COVID-19.”

  • Water aerobics has been great! Speaking from personal experience, I had NO IDEA it was going to be such a workout. Plus, it's fun! Join us on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 10:00. You can just show up. $30 for the 6-week class.
  • Saturday, July 4 is going to be a fun day at the pool! Swimming pool games will take place at different times during the day, from about 12:00-4:00. We’ll be having contests and fun with shaving cream. Come out and enjoy the fun!
  • Remember the pool is available for birthday parties or any kind of get-together, so please use it while summer is here! Contact me (Susan) or Tim Pope at the club to book a party.
  • We hope to see you at the Coharie pool!

Ms. Susan, pool manager
(910) 385-8770



July is here and so is the summer heat. We have completed aerifying greens, and will continue to get them back in shape for Member guest at the end of the month.

It has been a tough couple months. Three members of my staff have been out at some point due to Covid-19 complications and testing. We have also had to contend with rain seemingly every few days. We fell behind with course maintenance due to this, bit we are working hard to get thongs back to where it should be.

We are looking forward to beginning the tee project soon. With the work going on, some holes may need to be closed due to construction. Hopefully this project can be a huge benefit to the course and out members. With the boards approval, we are looking to strip the putting green to fix the area on several greens that need to be sided. We will replace the putting green with Sunday bermudagrass. When it is finished it will provide the course with a new, bigger putting green. This will also serve as way to show what could be done in the future to other greens.

Thank you all for your support. My staff and I really appreciate it.


Twilight is under way this year. The winners in first week were Cindy & Bill Nance/Wendy & Bob Carr. Week 2 saw Anita Pope & Randy Folger/Robbie & Todd Williams victorious. More pictures to come.



We are still planning on having the Member Guest Tournament on July 31 -Aug 1. We ask that you contact Richard to sign up your team. He will need the following information:

Name, Address, and most importantly their GHIN Number. Players without a valid GHIN Number will have to play as a ZERO handicap. If you partner needs help getting a GHIN established then have them contact Richard and he will help them.

Right now we are under the Governors Phase 2. Hopefully by the end of June we will be under Phase 3. Phase 2 only allows us 75 people in the ballroom and upper bar area. So this could be a problem. But we are hoping that the Governor will change to Phase 3 by the end of June. This would allow us to have many more people in the ballroom and upper bar area.

With this being said, we are now taking sign up for the member guest golf tournament. The early bird special of $400 per team will be from now until July 10 and after that it will be $425 per team. Contact Richard to get signed up. We will continue to update you with any changes as they become available. Please stay safe and we will beat this Covid.

Please let me know if you have any questions that I can help you with concerning the 2020 Member guest.



Sampson County had the good fortune to have a new professional swim coach take over the Greater Sampson Aquatic Team a year ago. Coach Rhett Saylors grew up swimming and coaching in Atlanta, Georgia. He was then recruited to swim for East Carolina where he was a Pirate sprinter throughout his college years. He has been brilliant as a swim coach. Coharie Country Club athletes he has trained include Eli Hardison, Kenzy Yang, the Starling sisters (Annell Grace and Annie Marie), and the Bell siblings (Avett and Macy). All of whom swam faster and further each month under his training.

Although swim lessons from lifeguards may be a good option, learning from a professional coach your child will generally learn how to swim sooner with better technique. Plus if your child shows the propensity for swimming, Coach Saylors will also be able to teach your child potentially all four competitive strokes instead of just learning to swim to avoid drowning.

The only thing Dr. Yang dislikes about Coach Saylors is that Dr. Yang is no longer the fastest swimmer in Sampson County since Coach Saylors arrival to Sampson County.

This summer Coach Saylors will be available for private lessons here at the Coharie Country Club pool. You may contact him directly to set up lessons.

By way of comparison, if you take your child for swim lessons at the Triangle Aquatic Center in Cary where the teacher may not be as skilled or trained as Rhett, their rates are as follows: Private series of 6 lessons $296, Semi-Private $200 per child.

Below are his rates and his contact information: Contact: 404-788-2973

Swim lessons must be scheduled at least 24 hours ahead of time, and will require the same amount of notice to cancel unless there is an emergency or weather issue.

*Lesson Fees: (based on membership to Coharie Country Club)
1 on 1: one athlete to one coach

  • Single lesson: 30 minutes: $40 member/$50 non member
  • 6 lessons, 30 minutes each: $230/ $290 non member

2 on 1: two swimmers of similar ability

  • Single lesson: $30 per child, $60 for two children/ $35 per child non-member $70 for two children
  • 6 lessons: $170/ $340 for two children/ $200 per child non member $400 for two childrens


COST OF LESSONS (based on membership to Coharie Country Club)
1 on 1: one athlete to one coach 2 on 1: two swimmers of similar ability
Single lesson: 30 minutes: $40 member/
$50 non member
Single lesson: $30 per child, $60 for two children/
$35 per child non-member $70 for two children
6 lessons, 30 minutes each: $230/
$290 non member
6 lessons: $170/ $340 for two children/
$200 per child non member $400 for two childrens


Message from General Manager Richard Kimble:

Just a Shout out for our kids that have been playing during the week.

These young boys and girls have been playing about every day during the week . Just in case that I have not seen every parent of these kids, I want you to know what a great job they are doing. They are letting players thru if needed, they are having fun, and they are very respectful to all members and staff. Thanks for doing a great job teaching these kids how to conduct themselves when you are not around. They are great kids and I enjoy working with them. Please keep up the great work and keep playing golf.


On June 13 the Coharie Men’s Golf Association held it annual reverse drawing. Food was prepared by Chef Emily. While turnout was light, it was still a great evening. The final five decided to split. There were:

• Greg Thornton
• Bobby Spell
• Jason Kivett
• Smokey Norris
• Ken Sutton

The CMGA would like to thank everyone who supported us by participating in the drawing. We hope that everything will be back to normal next year.


Stop by the Pro Shop. Check out the new items coming weekly. We have items for both men and women. Clothing, Golf Balls, Golf Bags and Gloves. Remember all members receive a discount on everything in stock. We can also order anything you would like.

Driving Range: Please make sure that everyone hits the range balls from within the roped area.


You are now able to place you order for the lounge online. Simply go to and click on the red “Online Ordering click here” button. It is on the home page under the USGA logo. You do not have to create an account to use it. You are able to order lunch, dinner, or sides and enter a time you would like to pick it up. You can pay online or pay when you pick it up. NOTE: Only menus that are available will be visible. For example, the Dinner menu is only visible during dinner hours. If you would like a detail set of instructions you can go to and print directions. We hope member will enjoy this new service.

You can also launch the app from you phone using the following QR Code (you will need to install a QR Code reader on your phone):


Attention Coharie members: The newly formed Coharie Historic Committee is asking for your help to document the history and interesting stories about Coharie Country Club. If you have any artifacts including pictures, documents, or stories please share with anyone on the committee. (Brooks Barwick, Jeff Heath, Ronnie Honeycutt, Bill Nance, Whit Tart, Bill Turlington, Tom Turlington, Randy Wiggins, George Williams, Bob Yow)
The Committee goals:

• To research and collect documents, information and pictures of the history of Coharie Country Club
• Talk with current and former members to obtain interesting facts and stories
• Compile into a pictorial history book
• To have book ready for the 75th anniversary celebration in Fall of 2021

If anyone has copies of old minutes, newsletters or pictures to contribute to the Coharie Historical Committee, please leave at the club or contact Nancy Heath to pick up.


Bob Yow scored hole-in-one on Hole #15 on June 29, 2020. Congratulations Bob!


For those that pay their monthly house account with a credit card Starting Jan 1, 2019 the club will start charging a 4% credit card processing fee to cover our cost to process credit cards. If you have any questions about this please speak with Richard.


We are now able to practice from the grass tees. Thank you for only using the mats this winter.

Also we have purchased more range balls to get us through the winter. During the spring we will be getting more new range balls. Range balls will be distributed over the counter from now on. So see any pro shop staff to get your range balls.


If you are not receiving our email updates from the new server (there have been several to go out at this point), please check your SPAM or JUNK mail folder and mark COHARIE COUNTRY CLUB as a “SAFE SENDER”. This will ensure that your emails from Coharie get sent to your appropriate inbox.

If you have received no emails from the new server, please contact Heather Port at directly, or at 910-592-6745.

We invite you to read the agronomist report about Coharie from Bill Anderson, CGCS Agronomist of the Carolina's Golf Association. Click here to read report.
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