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About Coharie Country Club
Coharie Country Club is located in beautiful Clinton, North Carolina. Our vision is to provide a family oriented atmosphere to members and their guests. Coharie Country Club provides outstanding recreational and social value to all its members and proudly promotes the interest of the club to our guests and surrounding communities.

The Club is located on a lovely tract of rolling real estate in the southeastern part of the state. The Clubhouse was recently renovated, a new pool house was added last summer, and a watering system was installed this year for the golf course. The challenging golf course was the original design of famed architect Ellis Maples and opened in 1947. The pool offers an entertaining and safe atmosphere for children and adults. There are lifeguards on duty whenever the pool is open. The tennis courts have recently been resurfaced and look great!

Coharie Country Club would be a great location for you, your family, and your guests. Come visit us!

Coharie Country Club is a private, family-oriented club with a long and proud history. The Club's purpose is to preserve and strengthen its tradition as a premier club by providing its membership with an excellent social environment, recreational facilities, and special events.


On December 11, 1946 at 8pm, in the county courthouse, a mass meeting was held for the prupose of discussing the formation of a corporation to purchase land to build a golf course in the town of Clinton. It was the unanimous purpose of those present to form a non-profit corporation for the purpose of erecting a golf course and necessary buildings. Directors elected that night were: F. L. Turlington, Chairman; Charles Tart, R. E. "Buddy" Hubbard, Kermit Austin, W. E. Godwin, Ed Williams, C. H. Caison, C. R. Rich, Croom Faircloth. The directors were instructed to start at once to organize themselves and to elect officers to proceed with the incorporation of the country club, and to purchase the necessary land for the erection of same.

A special meeting of the Board of Directors of Coharie Country Club was held on December 19, 1946 at Butler and Butler Attorneys and by unanimous vote of the Board of Directors, a

charter, prepared and submitted to the board for the incorporation of Coharie Country Club, was approved, and Edwin E. Butler was directed to send this charter to Raleigh and to purchase 200 stock certificates.

At the December 19 meeting the Board of Directors, by unanimous vote, a committee was appointed to draw up regulations and by-laws under which the club will operate. The members of this committee were: Croom Faircloth, Charles Tart, and Robert Hubbard.

By unanimous vote, F. L. Turlington, Chairman, was authorized to notify Dr. O. L. Parker that his tract of land at Moss Hill had been selected for the location of Coharie Country Club, Inc. An option heretofore given the club for the purchase of said tract of land, at the price of $10,000, was accepted.

At a meeting on February 28, 1947 various proposals for construction of the golf course were discussed. Also, at the meeting the deed for the property submitted by Dr. Parker was reveiwed and approved unanimously. Croom Faircloth was directed to make sure the deed was properly signed and the treasurer was authorized to issue a check for $10,000 to Dr. Parker as payment in full.

F. L. Turlington was appointed to contact golf course architect Donald Ross of Pinehurst for consultation, and to secure a bid for the construction of the golf course, and make a report to the Board at the next meeting.

A special meeting for the Board of Directors of Coharie Country Club was held in the office of W. E. Godwin at 8pm on March 27, 1947 to consider various proposals and contracts for the construction of the golf course. By unanimous vote of the Board, after reviewing various contract proposals for the construction of the golf course, a building committee was appointed, composed of F. L. Turlington, W. E. Godwin, and R. E. Hubbard, who were instructed to accept the contract offered by J. E. Maples, New Bern, NC which provided as follows:

      (1) a. Design, lay out and supervise the building of all greens, tees, and sand traps, fairways, practice driving range, and practice putting greens.
        b. Supervise the fertilizing and seeding of all golf holes, tees, and fairways.
        c. Render all technical advice necessary for maintenance of your completed golf course until October 1, 1947.
      (2) a. My fee for designing, laying out, and supervising the construction of your golf course will be Two Thousand, Two Hundred and Fifty Dollars ($2250.00). Payment for this will be made in the following order
        b. $700 on March 25, 1947
        c. $700 on May 1, 1947
        d. $850 upon completion of the fertilizing, seeding of all nine holes
      (3) It is mutually understood that you are to furnish all labor, equipment and materials necessary for the accomplishment of this work
      (4) Any additional help or advice I can give you in regard to the operation of your club will be gladly given.

    More to come......